Gunter Real Estate Guide

Gunter Real Estate Guide

Gunter: Small-town charm with big city access

Founded in 1902 by the family of John “Jot” Gunter, the city remains a small but ever growing part of Grayson County. In fact, the entire area makes up just 17.70 square miles, with an estimated population of around 1,675 residents. The area prides itself on the preservation of its history and a high quality of life for those who live here.

Gunter is a mere 18 miles away from Sherman Texas, and 10 miles to Celina, making it easy to travel to nearby cities without leaving the comfort of that small-town feel that Gunter provides.

A community dedicated to excellence in both business and private life, the city has grown in leaps and bounds over the last few years. Originally only 1.5 square miles, the area expanded exponentially in the early 2000’s, and has been seeing a rise in local businesses, due in a large part to its proximity to Highway 289, the greater metropolitan area and Lake Texoma.

Recent developments include the opening on a Sonic Drive-In, a Dollar General, and a Landmark Bank branch, which provided the area with its first financial institution in over 90 years. The city’s motto is “The Road To The Future”, an aspiration that it instills in its residents as the area continues to grow and expand. Whether you’re seeking a quiet place to live, or proximity to the big cities, there’s something for everyone in Gunter.

Schools in Gunter

Gunter: Exemplary schools for every age

Students in Gunter, Texas will attend schools in the Gunter Independent School District. There are 3 schools in the district, with a student body of nearly 800. The school district was rated “exemplary” by the Texas Education Agency.

Schools in Gunter participate in all of the standard University Interscholastic League programs expected of a school in Texas, as well as the BEST Robotics program, an annual national competition which the schools have been participating in since 1993. The district has won state titles in this competition multiple times, as well as in baseball and football.

What’s more, students in the district tend to outperform other Texas students in standardized testing. Across the board, students from the area  outperformed other students within the region and across the state of Texas in every STAAR subject, including Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.

You can learn more about the local schools available to your children by clicking the links below to visit their official websites:

Gunter Elementary School

Gunter Middle School

Gunter High School

Things to do in Gunter

Preston Trail Farms (And More!)

Located off State Highway 289, Preston Trail Farms is an all-in-one destination for Gunter residents. Part hardware/feed store, part petting zoo, the farms also contain a pumpkin farm that locals make a habit of visiting every fall for their seasonal pumpkin needs. The pumpkin farm is a family business located along the historic Shawnee Trail. The farm provides much more than just pumpkins, however, and is open year round providing fresh seasonal produce.

Preston Trail Farms also hosts a summer camp in June called Farm Camp, where children can participate in group chants, preparing farm to table snacks, hayrides, animal feedings, science activities, arts and crafts as well as interactive demonstrations with farm experts.

Preston Trail Farms also features a local cafe where you can grab a bite to eat of their affordable home cooking. The cafe offers everything from a simple cup of coffee to sit down meals. To learn more about Preston Trail Farms, visit their website here.

Below you’ll find links to other places in and around Gunter, Texas, as rated by Yelp. Click any of the links below to learn more about them:

  1. Preston Trail Farms
  2. Eden Hill Winery
  3. Cartermere Farms
  4. The Bridges Golf Club
  5. Square Cloud Winery
  6. Gunter Library & Museums
  7. Trinity River Kayak Co.
  8. Grandpappy Point Resort & Marina
  9. Critterman
  10. Stony Glen Stables

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