The Prettiest Little Town in Texas

Howe, Texas is all about location and growth. It’s located in North Texas about an hour away from the DFW Metroplex and is adjacent to the major highways so getting around makes it easier. If you are like most people moving to Howe, looking to get away from Big City life, then look no further. Although the population is only 3,400 the community itself is thriving. 

There is a keep Howe Beautiful Mission stands on the principles initiated by Mame Roberts. She put the town on the map in 1940 with her beautification project and since then the town has been named “Prettiest Little Town in Texas” by Reader’s Digest Magazine. The community keeps this sentiment alive today and strives to keep that legacy alive. You will see this when you purchase your home and build roots in Howe. 

Let’s talk about home averages. The average home sells for $165,000 so another draw to buying a home in Howe, TX is also affordability. If you compare that to several other towns in North Texas matched with the charm of Howe, you can see why the draw to own a home here is unmatched! Take a look at these listings below and let me know what catches your eye. I will be happy to help you locate your home!

Things to do in Howe

The small-town charm of Howe is undeniable. The town values its history and culture while sustaining growth in business and community. The livability score is 85/100 which is exceptional. There is also so much to do in and around Howe. Howe is located only 45 minutes away from Plano and an hour away from Dallas city center.  So whether you’re looking for some family fun or date nights in Howe or a quick getaway, there is always something for everyone. 

Check out this list for some great things to do: 

Some Great Restaurants too: 

Schools, Parks and More

One of the many perks of owning a home in Howe, TX is the Howe Independent School District. The Staff and educators at HISD make it their mission to not only educate but build lifelong learners and self-esteem. It consists of one elementary school, one middle school, and one high school. The schools offer a variety of afterschool programs and activities. A stellar band, cheerleading, sports, special education just to name a few. Your children will thrive when enrolled in the HISD. 

The residents of speak for themselves about all that is available in the community. Between the low crime rates, affordable housing, great schools, and livability it is easy to see the appeal of living here. There are also some great parks and community centers in the area as well. Not to mention all the lakes and watering holes around as well. 

Check out the listings and let me know how I can help!

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