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Lake Texoma: Life By The Water

The Lake Texoma area makes up a considerable portion of north eastern Texas, and creates a natural border between Texas and Oklahoma. Living in the Lake Texoma area means living in one of several Texas cities and counties, including Grayson County and Cooke County.

Cities located on the Texas side of the lake include notable areas such as Denison, Sherman and Gainesville, as well as smaller communities such as Gordonville, Fink, Locust, Pottsboro and Preston.

Life around Lake Texoma is, obviously, varied, depending on which city or town you live in within the area, however, most places nearby share some similar traits. The Texoma area receives an influx of tourism, making life in nearby areas prosperous. As a result, the economy in the area is currently expanding rapidly.

The lake is also about an hour away from the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan area, making it an ideal location for those who want to make frequent trips to the city without living in the heart of the metropolitan area themselves.

Things to do in Lake Texoma

Lake Texoma: A Lifetime of Memories Right Outside Your Door

The Lake itself offers several recreational opportunities for those who live in the surrounding area. The northern and southern ends of the lake each stretch into wildlife refuges, and the lake is home to an additional two state parks, as well as 54 additional parks, 12 marinas and 26 different resorts.

The area also hosts several hundred campgrounds along the outskirts of the lake, ideal for nature lovers looking to spend some time in the great outdoors. Time spent outside need not be limited to camping, however – Golf courses also dot the land.

Watersports are also incredibly popular for those visiting the lake. Sailing, water skiing and windsurfing are all popular activities to engage in around the area. Lake Texoma also hosts the first inland charity regatta in the US, known as the Lakefest Regatta.

As one might expect, fishing is yet another hobby of those visiting the lake. The area is frequently stocked with a number of different fish, including bass, crappie and catfish. In fact, the lake is one of only seven inland lakes in the United States where bass reproduce naturally, making it an ideal spot not only for recreation but also conservation.

Schools in Lake Texoma

Education In and Around lake Texoma

As the Lake Texoma area comprises a number of towns and cities, there is no singular experience for students living in the area. Schools exist across a wide variety of independent school districts, including Denison, Sherman and Pottsboro. Schools in the area are well regarded for their curriculum and college preparatory status, with many schools in the districts mentioned above being highly rated.

Those looking for a private education in the surrounding area will have several options to choose from, including several religious institutions, as well as a Montessori school, the Montessori Academy of North Texas.

As the pursuit of higher education is a priority for those in the Texoma area, 3 universities are readily available for local residents. These would be Grayson College, Austin College, or for those looking to attend school in Oklahoma, Southeastern Oklahoma State University.

For more information on the school districts and universities mentioned above, click on the links below for additional information:

Local School Districts

Denison Independent School District

Pottsboro Independent School District

Sherman Independent School District

Nearby Colleges and Universities

Grayson College

Austin College

Southeastern Oklahoma State University

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